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Today on the mFood blog we are going to discuss the searching and filter features that mFood has and show you how to use them.

From your map view in the top right corner of the navigation bar, you will see the filter icon . Tapping filter icon will open the Zoom level and Filter by interface. Using the zoom level you can expand or focus your search parameters. Only items in the viewable area will be searchable by cuisine and status.
The filters will only include the cuisine that is in the windows visible area. This means you can search by food type and truck schedule/ live tracking in your area. This means that you will know what the status of the truck is as well as the food type.
The compass icon in the top left of the screen from the map view allows you to search for any city or state and jump directly to anywhere in the United States. Once you begin typing, the navigation menu will auto-fill the locations for quicker selections.
Tapping the search icon on the bottom left will open a vendor search, in this search feature, you must designate the search area before searching for a truck name or cuisine, otherwise, the program will not have a designated search area.
One of our favorite features is the “Add Vendor” button. If you happen to find a truck that is not in the mFood database, by tapping on the top left  “Add Vendor”  button, a pop up prompt will ask you to allow mFood access to your camera so that we can get a picture of the truck. This feature may in the future allow us to use machine learning to identify and classify truck types purely through photos.
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