Continuing the journey with the toolbox

Welcome back mFoodies! Thanks for hanging out with us as we continue our walk-through of mFood. If you missed last week’s blog be sure to check it out here.

Today we are going to discuss the use of the Map Tools’ button  in the map view. You can easily identify it by the wrench and screwdriver symbols, in the center of the app, near the bottom tab bar.

Tapping on the Map Tools will reveal the dropped pin , vendor list , Meal Wheel™  and location arrow . We will cover all these, starting with the vendor list.
Tapping on the vendor list icon  will display all scheduled or live tracking vendors on your map in list form. This list view allows you to see more details about them.
As long as you logged into the app, you will also be able to add or remove vendors from your favorites list. By tapping on the favorites button at the top of the screen, you are able to see the list view of your saved favorites. 

From this page, tapping the folded map  icon in the top left will bring you back to the map view.  The Close by  button on the tab bar in the bottom left of the screen will return you to the map view too.

Next, we have the dropped pin  feature. To create a dropped pin that can be recalled, you must tap and hold your finger on the screen until the dropped pin appears .
After the pin has been placed, you can recall the location by tapping the dropped pin  icon.
Moving along to the next option, we have the Meal Wheel™ .
This one is pretty straightforward. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to go, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Simply click on the Meal Wheel™ and mFood will randomly select a food truck within the map area. 
The final button in the Map tools is the location arrow .

            IMG_5101 2          08fd9-img_4967      

To use this, your location services must be turned on. Tap this icon and the map will re-center on your current location no matter how far your search took you.
Well, we made it through the map tools features. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of the things we have shared with you. As we move through the features of mFood, we welcome all requests. If there is something you’d like covered, let us know!

Are you a food truck owner? Have no fear because we are working to create a vendor side app dedicated to you. Once it’s ready, we will create a walkthrough to help navigate all the great features mFood has for you.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!
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