Twitter and mFood

Welcome back to the mFood blog. We are so happy you decided to stop by and check out today’s post about the use of Twitter with mFood and how it can help ease your marketing woes.

image-2The idea that marketing is expendable is common among small businesses. Due to time, finances, and ROI it falls by the wayside. This is where mFood can help you simplify your marketing approach.

By integrating Twitter posts to your truck profile, mFood creates a more focused delivery system for your customer base. That means running specials, creating limited offers, or even letting people know that you are having truck problems becomes easy and reaches more than just the people that follow you, it reaches the people in your area.IMG_0033.PNG

With Twitter being one of the fastest growing social media sites on the planet, with over 200 million tweets being sent out a day. This means that most people are sharing everything they like or think is cool. As a business, you have to think more strategically. Like the image shown above, using mFood to leverage your tweets creates a very focused way to send clear messages.

By using mFood your Twitter messages are less cluttered and more direct. It also allows for the exposure of any other social media platforms you might be on, making it more likely to capture more followers on other platforms. So go ahead, put a joke in your tweet, a buy one get one free offer, your current special, or even that you are closing early because you sold out of food.

Whatever information you decide to put in there, mFood has the ability to streamline it and make it fast and easy for people to find your food truck no matter where you go.

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