Using Facebook to leverage your brand

Hello and welcome back to our blog! Today, we want to talk about Facebook. How can it help make your truck stand out from the crowd, both on the street and online? How can you use Facebook to improve your business visibility and brand? How can you create a better experience for your customers through social media?

With today’s climate of technology, it’s a no-brainer that you need to have social media pages that highlight your truck, food, and locations. So no matter how much using Facebook makes you cringe, you should be on it. It’s one of the largest free tools that you have at your disposal. Update your status, respond to comments and share photos of your day! A short 15-minutes a day of interacting can help improve your rankings on Google, and your relationship with your customers.

Now that you know how easy it is to build your Facebook page, make sure you take these things into account as you post and grow your social media brand.

You shouldn’t have to ask people to like your content. If the content is good they’ll click the button. Remember this is a long game;, Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have likes on your first few posts.

Don’t neglect your spelling and grammar either. One way to keep your post-error-free, is to keep it simple. This will keep proofing to a minimum and your readers on topic.

Facebook hashtags should stay limited to one or two, and be relevant to your content. There is no solid evidence on the effectiveness of using hashtags on Facebook.

Be sure to address people who call you out. The worst thing you can do is stay silent while someone is slinging mud at your brand. This doesn’t mean argue on your page, but rather to address the individual and suggest taking the conversation to another forum, in private.

Stay positive on your page. We all have those moments where we want to rant about something or disagree with something. But, remember your audience. Is it something they want to read? Does it bring them any value?

Personalize your responses. When people begin to respond on your page, don’t give them the same old “Thanks” every time. Use this as a moment to reach out and make a connection. By taking that extra moment to say something genuine, you can create a lifelong customer as well as an advocate for your brand.

Last but not least, if you are a registered vendor on mFood, we will share your content for you. mFood allows,  you to expose your facebook link geographically. But what does that mean? When a potential customer taps on your truck details, it gives them instant access to your social media platforms. This will give anyone thinking about eating at your truck more reasons to stop by. It will also help grow your followers and increase your overall exposure.

Thanks again for coming by. Be sure to stop in next time as we continue to discuss ways to improve your social media and how mFood integrates social media for a larger reach.

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