Why You Need Live GPS

Hello again mFoodies, we are here once more to give you more technology that can help you up your food truck game. Today we are going to dive into GPS and why it should matter.

Real time GPS tracking with mFood

As a food truck patron, the biggest disappointments come when you show up to eat at your favorite food truck only to find that they are not in their normal spot.  Conversely, as a food truck owner it doesn’t matter how great your food is if your fans can’t find you.

With the tracking feature included in mFood both situations can be easily avoided. Just like you might use Yelp to find a restaurant, using mFood before heading to your favorite food truck can help keep you in the loop on the physical locations of food trucks. Giving both food trucks and foodies a reliable way to connect without the guesswork that sometimes comes with mobile food.

For a consumer the value of live GPS tracking is clear, find the food you’re looking for fast. Not only will you never miss out on where a food truck is, because finding them can be done right from your smartphone in an instant. With mFood and live GPS you can be confident that when a truck is live tracking, they are where they say they are.

What about for food truck owners? With the tracking feature included in mFood, food truck owners sharing their location with people is super easy, as we talked about in our previous article.

The value in using GPS can translate across a business owners entire operation. There is a wide array of GPS technology apps that can help streamline things like tracking drive times to create tighter scheduling or helping to optimize your fuel consumption by mapping routes.

GPS tools are some of the best free management tools available. GPS Tracking can show locations in transit too, that means customers and vendors won’t miss out on each other if a truck is a few minutes late to their locations.  

A big benefit of GPS for small businesses with a fleet of trucks is the ability to monitor and track multiple trucks and locations. This means that If a truck has mechanical troubles and you are not on it you can quickly see where the truck is and send help to the broken down vehicle. An added bonus with mFood is that customers can see your truck’s location along with your tweets and you can let them know what’s happening in real time, so that if you are not at a location they won’t be looking for you, potentially losing a customer in the process.

GPS tracking can help improved time management, accountability, and in the long run, finding ways to save money. Live tracking GPS also includes your customers in your day to day, making your truck more accessible and increasing your visibility and marketing outreach.

You might be asking, “Isn’t live GPS expensive?” ”What if my employees think it’s because I don’t trust them?” These are great questions. With a vendor profile on mFood you have access to free live GPS right from your smartphone. Your employees, while trustworthy, are not responsible for the oversight that you are. Having the big picture of your business at your fingertips is a great way to help you manage things you might have missed before.

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